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So how many of you guy's have had that moment where you ask to play a really nice guitar, the guy takes it off the wall, sits you down, plugs you in to a stack, walks away and then your there... on your own but being watched by several people from different angles in the room including the guy who works there who walked off, but only to peer over at you while standing by the till?


Well whats the first thing you play? is it the hardest thing you can do? is it a song that is so impressive you will gain some kind of almighty respect from everyone who just witnessed it and you will no longer be put under any doubt when you ask to test out a certain piece of gear because of it? Or is it quite simply just a few chord progressions?

I wanna know because today i sat down with a guitar that i knew that was so out of my price range i even felt a little nervous just holding it, and then couldnt think of a single thing to play so instead just did some phrasing in pentatonic scales and did some of the most hideous sweeping you'll ever hear! and then left the store, telling myself i would not return untill enough time for the owners to forget what i looked like had passed.
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Bah, i just play something simple that i'm comfortable with, and that i know well, so that i can clearly hear and feel the differences from my own gear.

Also, it's always better to play something simple but that you know you play it right than to try to make an impression and fail, imho.
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haha, I normally get out my capo (which everyone stares at me cos i carry it with me everywhere... you never know when u might need it) & play wonderwall... I also try get everyone singing it too
Instead of making an ass out of myself by attempting to play a full song, I just doodle around a little. If I do play a song though, its I Can't Explain by The Who, only because it's simple, is a basis for everything I do on guitar, and I can improv the solo pretty well.

EDIT: I also don't really care about playing Smells Like Teen Spirit, or Stairway to Heaven, it's not like I turn the volume up really high and blast it across for everyone to hear.
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Jingle Bells
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It's always one of the only two songs I know in E standard.

Tread the floods or insurrection by trivium lol. Quite fast, uses alot of techniques, and is just technical enough to stop the guitar shop staff scoffing
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Death letter, the Son House cover by the White Stripes.
I piss off the employees every time I do since it's in open G and they hate to retune shit.
lazy bastards...
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I usually play 5 minutes alone, The Blackest Skyline, Part of I Will Return, Teras, Withered, Arise, My Life For Hire and maybe some songs I've written. But usually I don't have just one song, I'll play whatever I can remember at the time

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Death letter, the Son House cover by the White Stripes.
I piss off the employees every time I do since it's in open G and they hate to retune shit.
lazy bastards...

There's two stores I usually go to
The staff at one of them are awesome, They tune the guitar for you and let you tune it to whatever you want and crap like that. They also go out of their way just to make sure everything's the way you usually have your setup at home to (if you wanted it to be like that)
The other on the other hand are pretty lazy, every acoustic was way out of tune. I spent at least an hour in there just retuning their acoustics. Then got bored and tuned their most expensive acoustic guitar so that all their strings were slack as ****.
Also my friend asked one of the staff what the difference between the vypyr 15 and the vypyr 30, he simply answered by saying........."Well isn't 30 watts louder?"

Pretty pointless but meh
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I'll basically just play a few open chords, riffs and licks, just to get a feel for the tone of guitar.....
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take the veil cerpin taxt, and if want to impress someone,ill do the robotic solo in it.
My Bloody Valentine songs. The staff then starts to doubt whether I can actually play guitar, but I like the open chords for getting a feel for how it resonates.
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Stairway to heaven!


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Death letter, the Son House cover by the White Stripes.
I piss off the employees every time I do since it's in open G and they hate to retune shit.
lazy bastards...

Do you seriously retune a guitar that you're trying out in a guitar shop? Especially if you're not buying it...
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I usually just toy around with various techniques and sounds. I'll do some really distorted riffage, back off the gain and play something like the intro to Fade to Black, and then toy around with some sweeping. Tapping and sweeping tend to impress people.
I test the guitar properly to see whether it meets what I want out of the guitar and how it goes with different amp settings.
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I don't play lead much so most of the time I'll come up with a simple chord progression and play it in all styles I could think of (basic strumming, ska, punk, palm muted stuffs, etc). Once I just did some random chords ala AC/DC and suddenly a guy sang the line "I'm on a highway to hell" on top of his lungs and walked away. That felt awesome.
Two bands I'm obsessed about : Coheed and Cambria.
I just play the stuff I intend to use the said pice of equipment for. So say If Im testing a distortion pedal Ill play some distorted parts from my bands songs.
multicolour random messge!

FAC 13
"The hacienda must be rebuilt"
nutshell by alice in chains is a great song to play when trying out acoustics.
i'd play hotel california. the intro
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I'll do tread the floods, the little arpeggio section, and i'll also probably do spain and noodle around some jazz and blues to get a feel for all genres.
Stormy Monday and then Mr. Brownstone are usually the first two I play. (on each channel).
Then I play scales and do other things, then more songs.
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I tend to play wish you were here by incubus, the harmonised bit and james' solo from master of puppets, jump in the fire, Swollen Summer by the bravery, (if i'm playing anything without an FR, i tune down to drop d and play the bartender and the thief and slither), and of course, bringing out the hip-hop, bad boys for life and nuthin but a g thang...

basically, i just play a gig
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On an acoustic I'll play Anji by Bert Jansch
On an electric I just dick around with some blues scales
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Stairway to heaven!

Look at 0:50. lol
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Well I usually mess around in E minor for a bit, then a chord progression in Fmajor to warm up a bit and get a feel for what I'm playing. Then If I'm on acoustic then I play Beatles: Blackbird/Here Comes The Sun, if I'm on electric then I play whatever comes to mind, usually Dethklok: Go Into The Water. Yeah, I'm not a lead player

On Bass, I do some slap or fiddle around in the E Jewish scale (/A Harmonic Minor mode) usually with a wah pedal.

EDIT: The main thing I have with playing in-shore is to not show off. It's nice to clock what band is on someone's T-Shirt and start playing that sometimes, but I prefer to not think about who's around and to just focus on the instrument

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I usually go to GC, get the most expensive flying V or Les Paul, plug into the biggest Marshall cab crank the gain and volum all the way and blast smoke on the water.

**** Yea.
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