Inspired by another forum, not sure how well this will take off, but this is basically a thread where we can post something that isn't important enough to have its own thread, but still something you want to say, maybe what we did today, or what we are doing in the week, or whatever, heres a few little things i am asking of you so that we keep this thread nice and clean-


1-Usual forum rules apply to this thread, no spamming, etc, there will be no reason why the rules won't apply.

2-While this is a thread where we talk about anything we want, for those of you looking for advice, some things have their own dedicated threads with regulars who can help you, and so try to take it there, here is a small list of threads (that i can think of)

Relationship thread
Hugging thread
Sex thread
Drug thread

There are a few more dedicated threads that i shall edit in if people ask me to, but if you have something on your mind and it dosen't belong in any of these threads and isn't important enough to make a thread of its own about, chances are it will belong in here.

3-Don't flame or abuse others, fairly simple.

And thats it, so i'll start, today i recieved a late Christmas present, it is a box set that includes the Naked Gun trilogy, Airplane, Police Squad and Top Secret, words cannot express how happy this makes me as i find all of these hilarious.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.