so that, i what to tune my guiitar 1/2 step down. my guitar is a jackson dk2 with duncan designed mics and jackson's flyd rose.
but i have it all set up for a standard tuning and i know the problems on different tunings on floyd roses. i only want to know that i wont have any problems or that if i had them, when i tune it the standard way it will be the same as before.
If you want to change tuning on a floyd, get some kind of blocking device, like the Tremol-no.
I'm currently working on a system to generate MIDI from the motion of a guitar. More info coming soon.
changing tunings will never be simple on a floating bridge unless you block it. you have to tune, adjust bridge, tune adjust bridge... etc. until perfect. then lock down the nut and then use the fine tuners.
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