Hello all of you out there,

I warm up before doing my exercices for about 1 hour, kind of feels i could warm up less, and practice the exercices and other things more, what do you think?

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Exercises are usually meant to warm you up. You warm up as you play them.
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Yeahh that may be a little too long. By warming up do you mean stretching your fingers and stuff? I spend maybe 5-10 mins doing that, longer if I know I'm gonna be putting in a hard slog, and if you mean just running through scales etc, I spend about 20 mins doing that, just to wake my fingers up. 1 hour seems a bit excessive. Lol.

Bearing in mind that even warming up too much can do you an injury...
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When I warm up I just play chromatic scales up and down the fretboard. But I usually only spend about 5 - 15 minutes doing this.. depending on how long its been since I last played. 1 hour seems way too long. What do you do to warm up?
That's a little excessive. My stretches last for about 15 mins and then I do warm up exercises for about 30 mins. After that I start playing songs and writing.
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i play 8 chromatic fingering combinations up and down the neck (24 frets) ,whole tonex2, arpeggiox4 and stretch
everything up and down the whole neck

after that i play major scale stuff for about 1 hour for a bit of technique and then reading music
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I usually just do chromatic runs for about 5 minutes building up the tempo as I go. Then I usually play Master of Puppets or Paradise City(just a song that you really like), and then will start working on my own stuff or learning a new song.
I do maybe 10 or 15 minutes of really simple stuff to warm up, then I move onto tougher exercises. By simple I mean playing scales all over the fretboard, chromatic stuff. Just easy stuff to get my fingers and my mind working right. After that I do the more challenging exercises and play some actual music.
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I have begun to realise that the warmup is crucial to reaching practice goals.
About one or two minutes of stretching, mainly arms, shoulders, back, wrist and fingers.
Legato and alternate picking up the neck in 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 fingerings. Any sloppiness, slow down.
Chromatic scale from the 1st to the 20th fret. Any sloppiness, slow down.
Scale runs at a moderate pace. Any mistakes, slow down.
Slow 6 string sweeps. Any sloppiness, slow down.
Then i play a simple song with some riffs. All up takes ~20-30mins. But sometimes i feel i could warm up better.
I've never been a big fan of "warmup" per se. I'll just start playing whatever it is that I'm working on, or rehearsing, or whatever and pretty soon I'll be warmed up.
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