For Christmas I got a Gibson Les Paul Studio and I love it (huge upgrade from my Godin SD Model). I'm getting alot more serious in my playing and want to upgrade my amp too. Right now I have a Roland Mini Cube, which if you didn't know already is 2 watts and has 1 5 inch speaker.
So, my question is this because I don't know much about amps. I'm looking for an amp that has alot of effects and decent power. As of right now I'm not playing any gigs. Mid size, looking to spend anything up to maybe $400. I play rock, punk and alt mostly, with some reggae, ska and indie thrown in.
I've been looking at Fender Frontman 212s, Line 6 Spiders, and some Kustom Coupes because they just looks so cool.
Your opinion is very much appreciated and respected.
Bugera V55.
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Bugera V55.


Played one awhile back and was blown away. I almost pulled the trigger on a used one on CL for $200...bought drum gear instead
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you should check out the peavey vypyr series.they're full of effects and stompboxes,and have 24 amp models on them,perfect if you need variety and if you're still looking for your own tone.they're reasonably cheap and you can get a 30 watt for less than your budget.but it is a modeling amp,so it wont sound amazing,but it will sound great.
but if you know how you would like to sound,try and stay away from modeling amps,although your budget is probably too low for a decent tube amp.

either way i highly recomend the peavey vypyr,just whatever you do,stay away from the line 6's spider series,they sound digitaly and overall crap,unless you just like nothing but distortion.they also have nowhere near as many effects/amp models as the likes of a vypyr,vox vt series or many other modeling amps.
For amps with effects i think your best option would be a Peavey vypyr tube 60, it a tube modeling amp and should be able to do what you want. Also look into Line 6 flextones/vettas.

For just straight up tube amps i would suggest a Blackheart Handsome Devil, or a peavey Classic 30.

Also stay away from the Fender Frontman, and Line 6 spiders unless its a spider valve.
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look at a peavey vypyr amp as others are suggesting because it has a bunch of different amp models and effects built in.

if there is a music store near you play as many amps as you can so you can pick out what sounds best to you :-)