I bought this guitar used, and only recently when you adjust the tone knob you'll hear a crackling,

I changed cables still does it

Any idea? I probably won't be able to fix it myself and it doesn't bother me but i'm just wondering why it does it
ah that's what i thought

Any tips on how i could fix it on a FX260 I'm guessing take the back panel off?
Get a can of Dust-Off (compressed air) and give it a few sprays.
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OK cool, i tried blowing on it a bit and turning the knob at the same time, seemd to slightly fix it, I'll get some compressed air tomorrow then
pot cleaner with lube also can help. i like compressed air can, like said, because it's cheaper and good to have around.

make sure you get the air in the space where the pot is attached to the guitar cavity.
there's a little opening there.

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