Basically I play in a 2 man band... I just wanna know how to get a "fuller sound"? Like what effects could I get for my amp which could add a bit more depth to the sound and give it a bit more complexity. Its hard to explain, lol..

We play stuff like The White Stripes (bluesy garage), but our sound is even too minimal for that, because when you listen to the White Stripes, you can hear layered tracks of the guitar and also little quiet sounds in the background. Which is fine if we were only recording an album, but what about for band practice and shows?

I'm thinking an octave pedal, but what else? I use a big muff fuzz atm and thats the only effect I use.

Thanks alot !
Increase your bass somehow and consider some sort of pedal for atmosphere. I'd recommend getting a reverb and a delay.
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Post your complete current rig please.
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A looper pedal will probably help you quite a bit, especially for those layered sounds in a live environment.
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If you don't have the amp yet, don't rush ahead of yourself. Also, the cabinet should have a big effect on how full the sound is.
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Do a Dan Auerbach and run two amps in stereo. A marshall for dirt and a Fender Super Reverb for cleans. Sounds thick as ****.

When you play live, play loud as ****, and boost those Mids hugely.
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