Hi, I have been playing guitar for about 6 years now and I've come to love pinch harmonics. I know there is no magical guitar setting or anything like that to make me do better pinch harmonics but I was wondering if anyone could help me find a good tone that will help my harmonics stand out more. I can pretty much pinch them on every string except my A string (i can do them but they just dont sound that great). So i was wondering if anyone knew how to dial in a tone for that. (ex. raise the mids or highs or whatever). I play on an ESP-LTD Viper 400 with the EMG pickups, through a fender ultimate chorus 2x12 amp, and I use the dunlop jazz 3 picks.
Thanks in advanced guys.
and are you sure it's the A-String not the E-String?

My favourite tip for this. Try Higain or for fun fuzz
Yes im sure its my A string. and thanks for all the tips, ill try them out.
I have another question that maybe someone can answer, it is on a totally different subject though.
What exactly is presence on an amp?
I know it changes the tone hella lot, but I was just wondering if anyone knew exactly what it does (besides control the presence)
Heavy attack = more spectacular pinch harmonics. Thicker picks will make that easier to achieve. Adding heavy vibrato right after the pick attack sounds really cool, especially on the thicker strings

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Gain helps bring them out more.
Sometimes raising mids helps, but too much can hurt them.

Compression can make them more noticeable, but use with moderation.

A Touch of Chorus does wonders for Pinch Harmonics and any type of vibrato.

A touch of Reverb can help as well...

No additional Distortion is needed. Dont waste the money on pedals.

I do pinch harmonics on the Low E and A strings with all left hand teknik.
But usually on the 3rd frets for Rhythm and breakdowns. You can get about 4 different pitches. It works on other frets..but the 3rd is the best for me.

I usually do traditional PH's for solos and riffs.

For the left hand harmonics..Just bend the string without letting it touch the fretboard and shake it violently..lol
Dont press down..just pull it away in a lateral motion.
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Am not sure what you're doing. But my understanding was that pinch harmonics are achieved by picking the string normally then partially muting just enough to get a harmonic resonance but not so much that you stop the string resonating altogether. It takes a lot of practice to get right try picking the string and then touching it ever so lightly, trying it right now on my acoustic guitar I find it easier to do on the thinner strings.
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I thought the most common way of doing pinch harmonics is by picking the string then straight away tapping your thumb against the string. Never heard of the palm muting method.
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You could experiment with different pick angles. Different angles produce slightly different harmonics.

Oh and the palm mute method is doable. That is the only way one of my friends knows how to play them. Though, I find it damned impossible.