Thinking about selling this EX-400 to free up funds for other interests, however need to work out what it's worth.

It's an ESP EX-400 in Olympic White.
Bought very shortly before they went out of Prodution.
In perfect condition except for a noticable chip on the body on the highest pointy end of the body, wood can be seen through the chip.
I believe I bought it for £700 or so. Cant exactly remember, around that, give or take.
missing a the High-E string, however that can sorted easily.
Pickups: EMG 81 (Bridge)/EMG 60 (Neck)

The chips about 1cm long by about 0.3cm wide and is partly hidden.

Will try to get some pics later.

Whats the value of this UG?
I d buy for 450 pounds.... around there. 550Eur or so.
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