i own an agile al-3000, and i've been thinking about selling mine and going after an ibanez, jackson style guitar as i tend to play more metal music.

i miss the use of a whammy bar, and the les paul style body just seem so bulky compared to when i played my friends jackson. the other thing i don't like is it's a pain to solo in the higher fret areas.

can anyone recommend me something of similar quality of the agile 300 that is of jackson or ibanez or w/e?
I'd look at some of the range from Cort. Great value all across the range with good hardware and very slinky necks. Look especially at the X, KX and even the EVL if that's your thing.
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well that sucks for cort workers.

nah, i'm not too big on emgs. i'm wondering are some of the middle range guitars for jackson and ibanez worth it? or should i be looking into some of the "not-so-popular" brands out there instead.
I say hold on to the agile if you can afford it. While its a great guitar from what i've seen in the last few weeks I don't think it has the brand recognition for it to be worth the hassle of selling at a decent price. Just save up money for a guitar with higher fret access and save a couple extra months for the $100 - 200 you would make on the sale of the al 3000.
you wont get much for the agile seeing how it was only a $400? dollar guitar to start with, event though its a great guitar. your resell may only get you about $200? so i would keep the guitar and continue to save for another, go used.
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