Just got my peavey vypyr 30 for christmas, been running it for a week or so now, and to be honest im not that happy with it. faulty noise gate among other things.

So im on the hunt for alternatives. looking for something a bit more stable and, if possible, just as flexible in terms of effects and sound.

I've looked at the line 6 spider iv 30. Marshall mg30fx, Vox vt15, Am i looking along the right lines?

some feedback and recommendations would be helpful, thanks

dude...all those amps are way worse than ur vypyr. You probably just got bad luck. If u got it for only 1 week you can go there and tell them to change it for another. IF they claim that yours is ok tell them that then why wouldn'T they want to change it?
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well out of all them choices,i'd have to say that keeping the vypyr and fixing the problem is the best option.the spider series are terrible amps until you reach the tubes,and the mg series aren't much better.
but if you are certain that you want to get rid of your vypyr,then the best option would be to get the vox vt 15/30.
yeah you probably just have a bad noise gate or something, just tell them to exchange it for a new one.
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I ordered it online >.<

sent an email to the company (guitar amp keyboard)

hope to hear from them soon.

ill try get the vypyr swapped.

thanks guys.

Why are those your only options? There are some other used you can go for, in that price range, or perhaps a small tube combo? Effects amps are all peachy and nice, a useful if shortlived gimmick. But if it's quality sound you're after, go for something else.

I strongly dislike Vypyrs myself, just as much as MGs or Spiders.
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as for TS, I'd say just send it back and have them give you a new one. Or if you really don't like it then look into small tube combos. Some options are the Bugera V5, the VOX AC4TV (I have one and love it), or the Epiphone Valve Junior. Though, granted, you'll have to get pedals.

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The new Spider IV's and MG's are vastly improved over their previous versions for one and their sound is not much different from a solid state Vypyr. They are all modeling amps aimed towards people that are mainly fall on the hobbyist side of things. This isn't always true but it seems geared towards people who want an all in one practice type amp for home without lugging gear back and forth. I think it depends on what you want because one isn't much better than the other.

Oh and for the Vypyrs, which I do like, are known to be faulty in the electronic department.(I've been thinking about getting the 60 watt tube combo version myself.) I've seen numerous reports and complaints all over the net about people getting faulty units from the start, being very noisy with the noise gate, and some people even have them die all together. These seem to have the most failures out of the newer solid state modeling genre of amps which is sad because they have that good analog sound that most of the other can't reproduce as well. I wouldn't depend on the unit but if you are just a hobbyist then exchange it unless you want something else like a hybrid valvetronix. That's probably what I would do if I got a faulty one. Good Luck to you!