Hi all,

Just got a 30 watt acoustic amp. Works great with my guitar but was thinking about possibly running a digital piano through it for lack of having any other type of amp to run it through. Anybody ever tried that with an acoustic amp? Sound OK?
In theory i dont see why not, I've plugged my guitar into Keyboard amps and it worked so vice versa it should work fine. Just dont be banging out of the lowest notes all the time, the Lower bass notes might/could kill your amp if used to much so everything above low F should be good.
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From what I get, acoustic amps are designed more so to be designed for recreating the sound of whatever's running through it (IE Acoustic guitars and vocals) so I'd imagine it would be better than a regular electric amp. Ideally A keyboard amp, bass amp, or PA would be best, but an Acoustic amp will do. Just be careful with the lower notes (C2ish and below).
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