I arrived at the point where I would like to improve my rhythm to a more conscious level.
Can you give advices on good rhythm teaching sources? Books are prefered but hyperlinks are also welcome.
I know that books for drummers are usually a good choice but I'm asking for a more specific advice: which book I should buy.
music! just copy the rhythms and phrasing you hear
other than that,
i myself studied konokol, the indian language of rhythm
you can learn this from a dvd called the gateway to rhythm,
by john mclaughlin and selvaganesh vinayakaram
it helped me a lot so you might check it out

at my school we're taught a similar language but with less different syllables,
less complicated but just as effective
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are you talking about sightreading rhythms, or notation, or strumming?

About constructing rhythms in composition.
Rhythm Guitar: The Complete Guide. It's a book written by a couple of GIT instructors. Great book, very thorough, I use it with a lot of my students. Starts real basic and gradually gets more and more complex.
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