Hey guys. I need a little help with something...

See, I was blessed with a good stack of tools for x-mas, including a scroll saw, a one handed random orbital sander, a spokeshave and... wait for it... three (!) angle grinders. So I am pretty much set for starting my build(s?)- I've even rented a cheap-ass room in an near-condemned run down factory, so there's workshop space aplenty.

Anyways, now that I'm going to the store tomorrow to get two of the angle grinders traded in for something else or perhaps just some simple cash, I was wondering what I might get instead. I'm thinking- would something like this suffice for cutting fret slots?:

My main doubts are whether the type of blades that go on these types of saw are narrow enough to cut a tight fret slot. Also, how much of a quality difference will there really be between a cheap model and one that costs roughly 2.5 times as much?

...or am I really just as well off getting a miter box?

Other things I'll be picking up might be stuff like clamps, a plane (electric, perhaps?), a table mountable belt sander, a drill station, or something else... Suggestions are more than welcome, especially if you know what you're talking about.

I have two routers, a high quality Elu with fixed rpm and a cheaper model which I got for its variable rpm (for eventually cutting plastics and fickle woods).

I'll probably get something like ten clamps or so for the neck lamination, but a drill press is way outside my budget, unfortunately.