Hi. Take a look at this tab: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/n/nightwish/nemo_ver3_tab.htm and look at the solo. It is a song by Nightwish called Nemo. The second half of it is played really quickly. For those of you who know nightwish, or have listened to how the solo is played, how is this solo played? is it individual strumming or tapping or what? seems pretty tricky to play individual picking, if im honest with ya. what are your views?
kk, this is probably the way anyway. jsut seen a live vid of empuu playing it, and it seems to be what he does
Yeah, I alt pick the bit at the end.

That tab is wrong. Empuu taps some of those notes.

EDIT: Watch this vid at 3:08.

He taps some notes in the beginning and 1 or 2 at the end. And the alt picking part of that tab you put a link to is wrong as well. Hell, it's in the wrong tuning too. Nightwish is one step down to D standard- DGCFAD.
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