Hey UG. I know your probably sick of seeing A7X threads but bear with me.

Me and my band are going to cover a A7X song, we see it fitting to tribute it to The Rev.

So, suggestions?

I'm the lead guitarist and i'm basically just entering intermediate playing ability. Our drummer is pretty damn good and our Rhythm is same as me. So basically easy or a little harder suggestions would be good. thanks
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i really wouldnt know but isntthis the wrong thread?

Good luck though!
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Unholy confessions is easy on guitars and bass dont know about drums though
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Me and the Lads wanted to do this - but they are all fags and wont.

The Singer can scream so we wanted to do unholy confessions, ended up almost doing seize the day until everyone couldnt be arsed.
me and my friend are thinking of setting up a little piece of heaven, since we both go to the same music-school and have access to any kind of instrument you can think of O.o hope it'll happen :P
Chapter Four or Bat Country.


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If it's a tribute to the Rev, I Won't See You Tonight part 1 is the obvious choice.
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If it's a tribute to the Rev, I Won't See You Tonight part 1 is the obvious choice.

This or Deliriumbassist's suggestion of Seize The Day, either would be the most appropriate songs lyrically.
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Get better and do "Afterlife," since it's clearly the most fitting song ever.