hey guys, i have a guy offering his 1996 Fender USA strat 50th ann. guitar for my Marshall JCM 900 4500 50 watt head w/ EL 34`s

i know pretty much nothing about this guitar or really fenders. whats the used value on this guitar? the guitars black and the owner says it has some minor scatches but nothing major.

i`m trying to get a Marshall JCM 800 so if i get this guitar ill be trading it on a JCM 800 probly the same day i get it, if i trade.

what things should i look for to make sure this is a REAL USA model besides it saying made in USA

thanks for any help
Quote by pepsi1187
i wouldnt

is there a reason why?.. all i care about is how much the guitars worth... i don`t like fenders at all and would never think of keeping it, all it would be for is to trade in on a JCM 800 2304 at a music store
i wouldn't do it the jcm 900 is very similar to the 800, the jcm 900 and 800 have retained their value well considering some models are 20 years old, i would keep it, you may find someone who has a 800 and wants a 900 and you could just do a straight swap
The 800 and 900 are by no means similar.

I'd do it since I'm not a fan of the JCM 900 (except the Mk III) but that's more of a matter of taste. As far as value goes, I think the guitar would be worth more than the amplifier.

Check eBay and Craigslist and see if the 900 combo is going for more or less than what a used USA strat is.
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ok looked on the net for values of the fender on e bay and it ranged from 500 to 1700!?!?!?!

so ya, i`ll probly just bring the guitar into the store and see what they say and if the owner doesn`t like it then i wont trade