When people comment a youtube that was posted on here, people usually write UG FTW. Have you ever had someone reply to your comment asking what this is? I just had one and she asked me "you like ugs?"
youtube comments are usually better than the video.
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What does a girl have to do to get it in the butt thats all I ever wanted from you. Why, Ace? Why? I clean my asshole every night hoping and wishing and it never happens.
Bitches be Crazy.

Why does that make people ignorant? I thought this thread would be about pretty much all comments on youtube (aka, retarded ones)..
Youtube comments sometimes are just, really the definition of the internet;

The Internet is a place where anyone can be somebody, they get their chance to stand on that podium and pretend to be someone.
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This man has brains.

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Banned for indirect reference.
Im one of them. Ever see the video of the "Wood-Man" i posted it was fake and later found out it wasent.
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I think UG would rather not get their image from kids that post "UG ftw" in Youtube comments. But hell, I don't know.
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yes i have.

look out!!!!
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I love youtube comments, they're so funny because of how ****ing stupid they are.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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