ive been wanting to learn how to play a guitar for a while, but i cant decide what guitar to buy. i listen to mostly alternate rock and would like a guitar that fits into that category. ive looked at the epiphone sg 310 and the squier fat strat. any comments or suggestions on which guitar would suit me the best? im on a budget too. i can only spend $270
Yeah do you have an amp already?

I'd go with a squier over an epiphone for alternative rock. I think they get you more sound for your buck.
I have the sg310, its a nice guitar for the money only issue I have is I cant lower the action enough. Oh and access to the high frets is very limited
If you already have an amp, you canb buy the Squier, but if you dont have the amp, I recommend you to buy a startpack. I bought the Ibanez startpack (it costed about... 230€ I think, I live in Spain). On this way, you get a good guitar for beginners and a nice amp for practicing.
Also dont be afraid to look into used gear. You can get some pretty nice deal ( ex: 200$ squire strat + amp) and often (especially in beginner guitar) people just bought the guitar on a headrush and stoped playing after 2 weeks so the guitar is like new.
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you like bass sound. wanna go crazy on stage. and want a "place for a whammy bar"

have you been playing for two weeks?

go get a squier....

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Do NOT get the G-310. It's terrible. Mine was the worst guitar I've ever owned. My advice is to look used for a Fender MIM strat or an Epiphone G-400, or go to www.rondomusic.com and look at the Agiles.
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I bought the Epiphone G400 at an early stage, and it still serves me today! If you decide to get one make a professional guy adjust it well, i've never had an issue with it jet! Except my neck pickup is dieing.. I think? But this is years after anyway.
i enjoy alternative rock. i do have an amp but im not sure what its called b/c its my cousins and i havent seen it. right now im leaning toward the squier b/c of every1's responses
I know you are just learning but i would still suggest to go to a music store and hold both try and play them see which one feels better, they are both good guitars for beginners. The 310 is not a bad guitar, most low end guitars are hit and miss he may i have received a bad one however my second guitar was a 310 and i loved it, i still love it right now it is being repainted custom style but its a great guitar, but yeah if your not afraid to go used check out your local craigslist
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For Alt Rock, I'd say yeah, the squier would work. I use an Epiphone Special II for Thrash metal (Closer to Testament, Machine Head or Lamb of God) and a Schecter for everything else.
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for $270 you might be able to get a mexican strat on craigslist.

This ^

Or, If you want a Humbucker you could get a squier standard fat strat? squier's are good for starters and great for if you decide to go down the modding route later on
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thanks guys for the suggestions and responses. ive decided to just go with the fat strat. b/c u guys have influenced me in doing so.
mexican strat used. def the best 250 dollar guitar you will ever see/buy/play imo.

i dunno if there are differences in years or whatnot, but my roommate is one of the best guitarists ive ever heard, probably the best for a 19 year old kid and he plays a 250 dollar ols mexican strat guitar his dad got him used and plays it through a 700 dollar tube amp. sounds great. he sees no reason to change cause it has the sound he wants and enough build to last him.

...and he gigs regularly with a band.

my point being, if you decide to wuit or whatever, no biggie. if you want to keep playing its a guitar you will still want to use (or again not to cheap to sweat about getting rid of it if your not to attached)
do not start guitar... you are obviously not rich enough. do the guitar world the favor and dont bring home either of those crappy guitars... just cry because you are poor
fiendforce, you must be joking. if that was the case i bet 99% of the people that have ever picked up a guitar would not be playing today if it was like that.

i bet cheap 300 or under guitars sell 100X more than expensive guitars. which is why most music stores i see are filled with 99% garbage and maybe 2-3 actually fantastic guitars.
well ikey you obviously are poor too and probly live in harlem, sorry but i live around rich people and we buy expensive guitars at expensive stores
fiendforce i may not know much about guitars but being good at playing one comes from the person and not the quality of the guitar...
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well ikey you obviously are poor too and probly live in harlem, sorry but i live around rich people and we buy expensive guitars at expensive stores

you should buy some English lessons whilst you're at it

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you should buy some English lessons whilst you're at it

*reported* for some of the most pathetic trolling I've ever seen lol


TS: I think the Fat Strat is a great starting point, but if funds are tight i'd maybe not go the full hog and buy the Fender over the Squier because you'll be missing an amp and most other accessories.

You've got to be motivated to play the guitar and if you don't have an amp and can't start to play the guitar you may become despondent and put it down.
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