i'm considering buying an acoustic guitar. i already own an electric guitar so i'm thinking there's no need for an acoustic/electric necessarily, and i've decided this might be a good budget purchase:


anyone have any thoughts on it/does it look okay? obviously i'm not looking for something amazing, just something that sounds good enough for around $200
if you've played one in the store and it sounded and felt great then i'd say go ahead and get it, but you won't get too much support around here. for the money, i think you can definitely find better. on paper, anyway. fender's starter acoustics are usually cheaply built and made of laminated woods. in this price range i think people will recommend you look at yamaha, takamine, and possibly seagull.

like i said though, if it felt good then go for it. the most important thing with acoustics is that you're happy with it. if you don't want to pick it up and play then it's always a bad buy.
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considering that it's a laminate top guitar, you're not expecting much. my experience with fender acoustic guitars when it comes to sound and build quality is they don't deliver as well as some other brands. and it's not the best bang for your buck, as for the same price you could get a yamaha fg700s, which will have a solid top instead of laminate, better build and finish quality and better sound.
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