Let's see how many Chili Pepper fans we can get to post their favorite songs?

Nobody Weird Like Me is mine
I am a bit too in love with my Gibson Les Paul Studio

“My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.” ~Bob Marley

that's like trying to pick a favorite vital organ. I need em all.
But if I really had to choose, I'd probably say either Wet Sand or Minor Thing. Both truly epic.
I agree, Wet Sand was a close second for me
I am a bit too in love with my Gibson Les Paul Studio

“My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.” ~Bob Marley

I love them all, but I like Parallel or Aeroplane. Give It Away is always fun to jam to also
Soul To Squeeze or Under the Bridge
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'Special Secret Song Inside' by far XD

...followed by 'Snow'
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It's impossible, there's like 20 songs on a shared top 1 position. But here's a few of them: Scar Tissue, Behind the Sun, Parallel Universe, Knock Me Down, Wet Sand.
Really hard to pick... intro to Soul to Squeeze always gets me going... and basically any song from bssm or mm gets some real nostalgic feelings for me, 'cause my brother listened to all that stuff when I was young.

Favorite song is a close tie between Tell me Baby, Blood Sugar, and Under the Bridge... I know they're the more 'mainstream' ones... but they're my choices...

edit: Actually it's a tie between a few songs... Otherside, Under the Bridge, Mellowship, Blood Sugar, Funky Monks, and Tell me baby.

Honourable mentions: Almsst every other rhcp song
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dont have a favourite :-D but the ones i cant stop listening too at the moment are give it away, cant stop, i could die for you, by the way and under the bridge. also i do think higher ground is an amazing cover
I could've Lied my favourite if pushed, love the feel of Venice Queen too
Knock me Down also great, so many though!
Wet Sand (guess i wasn't the only one that liked it lol), Suck My Kiss, Under The Bridge.
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Venice Queen
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