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I'd like to change the pickup selections on my late seventies strat. for example:

position 1 - bridge
position 2 - bridge and neck
position 3 - bridge, middle and neck
position 4 - middle and neck
position 5 - neck

I think you just have put a wire from the disired pickups into the sections of the selector, any ideas? Also reshaping scratch guard for bridge p-90, should i use a saw or what? I know how to put a killswitch on just put a off/on switch to the volume pot. thanks for your time, peace
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Yeah, you just need to wire the pickups to certain lugs in the bottom of the selector, couldn't tell you which though.
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Just solder it differently and it should work yeah, however you might want to try this: http://www.acmeguitarworks.com/pdf/WiringDiagram_Strat_Blender.pdf

it lets you blend in either the neck or bridge pickup, so it basically does what you want with the added bonus that you can blend it in so you could have half signal from the bridge and full signal from the neck. Hope it helps
if you have a router you can route the guard. or dremel it. a saw just wont work well. i might be able make you a diagram, but i'd much if you made one and i could proofread it.