I've been saving up for a new guitar for almost a year now, and i'm two months short of getting a Jackson RR5, which is "The dream guitar"... But i'm also tempted to buy an Ibanez RG350DX. My dad tells me to go for the Jackson, but i'm not 100% sure. Please help me decide? :P
Jackson. If you're looking for a comparable RG, look at the RG Prestige range.
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The Jackson. Hands down.
Much better pickups and hardware
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You need to pick a better Ibanez if it's going to have a chance competing the Jackson. And if the RR5 is your "dream guitar" aswell, the choice is pretty obvious really. Go for the RR!
The Jackson is more than 2x the cost! Before you buy the Jackson, compare it to something like an RG1550M or an RG1570
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RR5 hands down
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Jackson +1
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That RG is not even in the same league as the RR5. Get the Jackson
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Jackson, the obvious choice.
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you haven't even stated your budget.

of course the obvious choice is to get the most expensive piece of gear your money can get you, and hope that it was all money well spent.

now im not an expert on the different models and brands out there but if you're going to compare two guitars in completely different price ranges, there is only one thing you can compare.

--- How much value for money are you getting?---

personally, i'm always satisfied when i get myself a cheap strat copy for less than a hundred bucks, spend about 200 bucks more on quality hardware, and then spend about a 100 bucks more on setups and getting everything just right.

consider that. not all guitars are worth their price tags.
the Jackson, and no further questions

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Comparing an $800 Jackson to a $400 Ibanez... alright
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The Jackson looks to be the best, specially as its your dream guitar.
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The Jackson is more than 2x the cost! Before you buy the Jackson, compare it to something like an RG1550M or an RG1570

Even then the Jackson is far better. So +1 for the Jackson
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Its a batch to play sitting down lol...
if your on budget get the rg and put an EMG set in it..... ive owned both (gone threw two 350dx, im on my second one now) and i much prefer the neck on the rg and if you invest in pickups it makes a world of difference on these guitars. Evaluate your options
Silly thread so far. Try both. The Jackson will sound better, no question. The SD pups will crush the Infs in the Ibanez. If you're really hung up on a 350 though you'll have plenty of money left over to get the pickups that you want.

Or go try an RG1550/1570. Either guitar will outplay the RR5.
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Because I bend in such an unorthodox fashion; the notes kinda slide up and slide down...
Lol the Jackson is like $1000 and the Ibanez is $400, no comparison there...
I've not seen the Jackson but I do own an RG350DXWH and love it. If you want a 'cheaper' guitar this is a good choice in my opinion.
To compare a Jackson RR5 to an rg-350 is like comparing Gibson to Epiphone so ya get the Jackson.
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