Hi I'm looking to expand my playing by learning some reggae and jazz bass songs I don't really know what artists to listen to in these particular genres for interesting basslines, so was wondering if any of you guys can recommend who would be interesting to listen/play along to?


well if you ever listened to sublime, they're pretty heavily influenced on raggae and have amazing tunes. I never reallly listened to jazz before though haha
This thread has some good songs to start with, for each genre.
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Jazz, eh
Theolonius monk is somewhere great to start, its not overpowering and great to listen to. Get his greatest of monk CD and start from their
The second is Miles davis for something abit faster i find and a bit more comeplicated, Listen to Tune up by miles davis for an idea.

I recommend getting the abersold playalong books, which are great. I have Monks and miles davis and play through them with changes everyday. Whats great is you can turn off the bass one cd by panning to the left with your stereo/hi-fi whatever and then you can play whatever way you want.

this site is also great for getting started, ust download a track and the changes and play along as you please. Theirs no bass in it at all so its completely up to you in what you play.

Have fun.
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For Jazz, try Ron Carter. For Reggae, try Aston "Family Man" Barrett. These will get you started.
I'll second the Aebersold books. A good one to start with is "Maiden Voyage"--it has a nice mix of easier jazz standards.

For jazz you are really going to have to get the walking bass line down solid. A good read is this: