Just the other day i chanced upon a map.
This map was quite the curious creation;
perhaps curious is not the correct word.
Regardless, it contained a number of
squares and places. These squares were
solidly blocked out in either red or
green, both standing proudly from the
burgundy countries they inhabited. Now,
this may not seem entirely remarkable
yet, until i describe the symbol which
was etched upon each and every square
irrespective of the blocks denomination.

It was a Swasticka.

Further to this revelation, my eyes slid
over the map until encountering a key.
Green blocking indicated the existence
of a Nazi concentration camp, whilst red
blocking denoted the location of a torrid
death camp. I shivered, then uneasily began
to ascertain the magnitude of those squares.

Many times in my years on this earth have
i heard about those monstrous places, but
somehow the unsightly boxes in situe on
that meager depiction of Germany and it’s
bordering countries, gave me great pause.
Auschwitz perhaps the most notorious
death camp, sat beside it’s red block,
the millions of unculpable stolen souls
not relected in the brazen shade of red.

My thoughts flitted from wirey faces i
once had seen, to shoddy piles of corpses
whos faces’ i would never, nor ever wish
to, see. The terrors their lifeless eyes
and skinny hunched shoulders bore would
be a burden no man should have to carry
to his solemn lowly mass grave.

this was excellently written. perfect narration with a moving and growing narrator. I think that this would prosper though by reducing the line count and maybe removing some filler, give it a more terse and emotional punch. It's a powerful piece and a heavy subject that you tackled with a calm and subtle beauty.

Great job.

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