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Okay, so, I have recently started a new band.
We wanted to aim for a Muse-ish sound.
The problem is that, I'm really the only one who can write songs..

Our drummer only plays drums so there isn't much he can do ( though he is very willing to try).

Our singer is strictly a vocalist and he is going to write the lyrics.

Our bassist is willing to help me but he is by far the least experienced of all of us. He has only been playing for about 6 months but he is progressing rapidly.

So, it's basically up to me.
Any tips would be great.
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Listen to whoever you're trying to sound like, learn their tricks, play similarly.
...I like metal.
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Learn a bunch of Muse songs and their style will rub off on you. Pay attention to the structure of their songs and the dynamics they use and when they use them (Ex: loud part, soft part). But I must, it will be hard to create a Muse-esque band with an inexperienced bass player as the bass lines are often pretty envolved in their music. Oh, that reminds me, dont just have the bass mirror the guitar. I would suggest creating a chord progression on guitar, figure it out on bass, and have the bass play the progression with the guitar focusing almost exclusively on a melody outlined by the progression.
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I figured I would be getting into some trouble with the bass..
But he is, honestly, better than you would expect.
He can play Hysteria, Plug in Baby and a few others.
It definitely doesn't hurt that I started on bass, 6 years ago. So I can teach him a lot..

Any tips on making a guitar part over a completely different bass part?
Such as in Hysteria?