Ive been playing guitar for around 1,5 years now , today I went to guitar store and bought a cable to connect my guitar to my computer , and this is what I came up with
Please feel free to comment.
First off, wrong forum but close (It belongs in the original recording subforum but a Mod will probably move it there)

Second, idk what effect you were using on the guitar but it sounded terrible. Were you harmonizing the guitar down an octave to make it sound like a bass? It sounded awful. The solo was decent

Finally, as a tip for future recording, get rid of the cable to hook it to the PC and buy an interface. The cables you plug into the PC are usually badly made, have a ton of problems and like to take a shit on guitar tones. Plus, its not too expensive for an interface. $100 will get you set up with a solid interface that includes tons of extra software.

Edit: Looks like a mod Ninjaed the move while I was writing :p
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hey I have definitely heard alot worse first recordings . you gotta start somewhere. Lockwolf is rite tho you definitely need some kind of interface
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What interface would you recommend?
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