Hey everyone.

Last year in May me and my friend Jesse recorded a couple of tracks, and I've got em up on my profile here. I am just curious to hear feedback on what you think of the songs. Don't worry about commenting the sound quality, that was a major learning experience for me, hehe. Also, the drums are barely there and midi, but aside from the sound, please let me know what you think of the songs themselves. Thank you
okay griffin, the rythm and lead guitars were as good as any major metal band, but the track i listened to (overthrowing the tryrant) needs work. the drums were as you said barely there, im not sure if you mean quiet or sucky, and the song needed some loud drum stuff that is played by a good drummer (its not all about guitar riffs, you need some drum fills or watever they are called). lastly, song writing and vocals, you need to work on the writing ( a few lines struck me as not flowing with the other lines). you need a few more lyrics and a chorus or something to take up space ( more singing). also get a singer or singing lessons. you are not using enough depth and tone and warmth in the song for it to be metal and not enough screaming and raspiness and weird throat sounds for it to be metalcore.
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