Hello. I'm new to the forums but I've frequented the site for a few years now, not that it matters. Anyway, i'm wondering if anyone knows the tabs for the intro to "crack pipes" by Sage Francis and/or the rest of the song.

Thank you very etc
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Hi !

I also tried to find this tab, i finally tried to do the transcription by myself... It's probably not exacly the same, but it sounds great. For the exact rhytmes just try, I don't know how to transcrip.

Crack pipes:

E ________1__0_______________
B ____3___3__5__6/5__3__3_3_3
G 3_5___2_2__4_________3_3_3_
D ___________________________
A ___________________________
E ___________________________

Part 1 and 2 :

E ___________________________
B 6__5_6_8_6/5__3/5/3________
G ___________________________
D ___________________________
A ___________________________
E ___________________________

Break :

E __10_h12_~13_12_10___________
B 10________________10/8_6_h8_6
G ____________________________7
D _____________________________
A _____________________________
E _____________________________