I am doing a job on my stratocaster, i bought it for £25 off a friend and i wanted to get that Single Humbucker look. I wanted to refinish the guitar so i sanded the guitar down using a sander. The guitar is currently unfinished wood and i'm keen to paint it, but i don't want to pay £50 for paint. I saw on another thread that you can use 'Halfords Car Spray Paint' . Has anyone had any experience using the paints? They also sell this 'Clear Laquer'. Has anyone used these products?

I haven't used them myself, but yes Halfords paints and laquers are both useable. They're both Acrylic based.
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I would suggest lacquer. I used it and it's great for guitars
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I would suggest lacquer. I used it and it's great for guitars

where can I get lacquer? The cheapest i've found is £50, If these paints work then why not pay £20?

I could understand for a fender or gibson or PRS but this is only a cheap strat copy.
Buy car spray paint, and car clear coat or lacquer, works like a charm and only cost about €10 each.

Also, use all the same brand to prevent spider cracks.
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I just finished up a guitar and used just spray paint. Gave it a really nice vintage look to it (i reliced it) so it's good if you want to keep it "thin".
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