I know there have been a few threads along these lines, but I have yet to find one that answered my question. I don't have the first clue about electrical stuff. I picked up an echo park delay pedal figuring it would work, like most of my pedals off a 9v adapter. But looking at it, it says 9.6v. The polarity and the mA are in line on the adapter I'm looking at, but I am just curious, would I be able to power the echo park with a 9v adapter?
As long as the polarity and output current (mA) are correct, I guarantee the 9V supply will work on the pedal.
Yeah probably. For one of 2 reasons. 1) Adapters usually run at higher voltages if they are not under full load. or 2) If you used a battery, that would be below 9 volts but they still work, right?
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voltage has a tolerance of +/- 10%, meaning anywhere from 8.1V to 9.9V would be just fine.