Soooo my dad just got a promotion and in his requirements he's supposed to be able to handle live sound. The school that he works for is going to pay for a locker of mics for him to tote around. naturally he knows nothing about live sound, so he comes to me for help. he says if I can come up for a list for him, he'll let me use all his mics while hes not using them at a gig. So to benefit him I need

1.) a good all around mic (studio, live, and able to handle a wide variety of instrument types) (not shure sm57 already have it)

2.)a good vocal mic (excellent live use, decent studio use) (not shure sm58 already have it)

3.) recommendation on some good hanging mics

I already sorta knew some mics that were good at this kinda stuff but I didn't know how well these certain mics do in all categories. I want advice from a guru.

they have to be between $150 and $275ish

Thx guys.
1. You can't really do much better than SM57's for wide application instrument micing, but if you/he want/s something a bit different that will handle different instruments better, you can't go wrong with a Sennheiser MD241 - I understand they are much much cheaper in the US than they are in the UK as well (lucky gits!).

2. Depending on the type of music - Shure Beta 87a. It's a handheld condenser mic with a hypercardioid pickup pattern, so it's really good for getting a clear vocal across, but it doesn't work well on agressive vocal styles like hard rock & metal. Also because of the character of the mic, it's liable to bleed (pick up sound sources other than the vocal) a lot more than a 58 or similar.

3. Hanging microphones? As in the microphones you use to record a man being hanged? Audio-Technica are usually good for boundary/suspended mics etc... check some of their stuff out.
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His job will be easier if there's just a bunch of 57s and 58s.

Get an omni condensor for drum overheads. I like the Neumann KM183, but they go for around $700-800. Maybe look more into a stereo pair of switchable condensors (RØDE NT-2A is the affordable option, Neumann U87 or AKG C414 if money grows on trees), or a pair of cardioid condensors like AKG C1000 or RØDE NT-1A or NT-5 (the NT-4 is a stereo pair in one package, which saves on stands). A separate pair

Also get a low-frequency specialist mic for kick drum. I'd recommend Shure Beta52, but again, for costs you can get an AK D112 or Audix D6.