During this month I will be ordering a new guitar.. But I'm undecided as to what I really want. I have a budget of around $500 USD I'd say (It is not me buying, but my grandmother). I want a guitar that would be good for metal, but can also pull off good cleans and would have good lead tones as well.
Actives, Passives, I honestly don't care what style of pup, I just want it to be good for playing high-gain, distortion, drop-tuned stuff.
Examples of what I play: Gojira, Dethklok, DevilDriver, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, you get the idea.
I do not want any style of tremelo.. Thus the reason I'm thinking of not getting the PRS SE Custom 24 I was originally going to get.
So.. Here's what I want in a guitar:
1) Good for metal (Drop tunings, high distortions, etc.)
2) No trem
3) Budget of $500 USD
4) I'd really prefer a neck-thru or set-in neck, but if it has a decent bolt-on it's fine
5) I don't really care about what style of wood the guitar is made out of, not very picky.
6) I have nothing against EMG's, so go ahead and suggest whatever
I play through a Roland Cube 30x which I just got for Christmas, and I use a Boss DS-1 pedal which I also got for Christmas.

Current guitars I use:
Epiphone SG Special
Ibanez AGS73B semi-hollow (Which doesn't suit my style, was a gift)

Any advice would be great, just keep in mind it has to be $500 USD or below for price.
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