im needing help her guys and gals im looking to pick up my first tube head but torn between a few so just wondering ppls opinions out there on the heads im looking at since i play lots of styles im finding it hard to find one to suit all

blues : clapton gary moore etc
classic rock : zz top kansas etc
rock GnR and ozzy
metal from metallica megadeth slipknot

budget is 500 pounds sterling

heads im looking at are bugera 333xl bugera 1990 marshall dsl 50 and jcm800 kk model or vintage modern 2266

i have a marshall 1936 cab already so budget is just for head

so any help here would be awesome
Out of your listed options:

JCM 800 2203KK: classic rock (?)/hard rock/metal
DSL 50: blues/classic rock/hard rock/metal (not the best for metal though, except you use an OD pedal to boost the crunch channel)
Vintage Modern: blues/classic rock/hard rock
The Bugeras would cover pretty much everything, but they suffer from their poor quality and won't last long.

What's your exact budget?
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DSL 50
Used JCM 800 2204
Any 2204 ripoff (Sovtek, Laney, Peavey VTM)

Would all suit your needs and probably fit your budget.
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exact budget is 530 as the vintage modern is 530 and thats as high as i really want to go i have tried all the heads in the shop just a bit hard to get a proper go on them as its a small shop and cant really play all of them one after another as i would be there all day lol
i didn't really like the VM, and it wouldn't be my pick for the heavier stuff there. i've only tried the dsl out of the other options, though, so I'm not much help.
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I will actually have to say, go Marshall. Normally, I'd claim that there are other brands which can do your tones better, but damn near every (if not every) band on there uses or used Marshalls extensively. JCM800 or 900 would do good, and DSL might work instead if you trade AS good distortion for versatility.
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Out of that list, I would go with the DSL50.


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Second hand JVM 210/410H

I got my JVM410H for £550
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no, not the JVM, if he want's to go marshall I'd say dsl50 or jcm 800 with boost (for the bands he listed that is).
And I agree, in this case marshall is actually the way to go.
Check out the Peavey Triple XXX if you can find one.
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Ceriatone do a JTM45 head for $680 + $120 = $800/£450
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