Hey i'm new at working out what keys songs are in, does anyone know or can they work out Use Somebody by kings of leon.
By ear what I do is either find out the chord if I can, or play whatever notes sound good over the song and then look at those notes to see what key it's in.
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Am I think.

Edit: A minor if anyone was actually confused.
Actually, I believe it's in F. I'll double check based on the other instruments. It's not Am though. Maybe C, but it sounds pretty resolved on the F to me, resolving to C sounds awkward.

TS, you know that the chords are C, Am and F. You can narrow down the choices if you know what chords are in what keys.

Let's take the three chords and look at their own keys:

C Dm Em F G Am Bø
Am (same as C)
F Gm Am Bb C Dm Eø

In this case, it doesn't narrow it down at all, seeing as there is neither a B nor a Bb in the song. Now you have to go by ear. Try playing the song (the end at least) three times, ending on a different chord each time. Does it sound "complete," or "resolved," (as it is officially called)?

Whichever chord it sounds resolved on would define the key of the song.

Edit: Investigating further, there is one Bb (note, not even a chord) in the solo, and no B naturals, but that really doesn't say that it's F for sure, seeing as it is extremely common to flatten the leading tone in a major key (C major in this case). I also can't tell whether C or F resolves it better. Sorry I'm no help.

One more thing: Just because it ends on F doesn't say much as it is extremely common to end unresolved on the sub-dominant, or IV (which, in the key of C, happens to be F).
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