hi there...(second post...yeay!)

just recently i bought a pair of active pickups from ebay and they are called dragonfire 81 85 (brand new, supposedly same as emg 81 85 and cheap tho...hahaha ) and i already installed them on my guitar...

the set consists of:
two 25k pots
tone cap .1 uF
and everything else...

the sound is very muddy on neck pickup
low output on the bridge pickup
nothing happens/no tone changes when i roll down the tone knob
volume works perfect

here's the thing...according to the seller/manufacturer, the pickups are supposed to produce high output sounds just like those emgs (again )...and my questions are:

1. is there anything that i need to change (tone caps or 500k pots) to produce a high output sound (without changing the PUs...duh )...read a review from harmony central that this person faced the same thing n later change the tone cap (didn't mention the value...sigh )n after that he got high output.
please read the review by Saul (the fifth review) here ---> http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Electric+Guitar+Pickup/product/Dragonfire/Active+Pickup/10/1

2. if i need to change the tone cap, what is the ideal value for a pair of active pickup? (mine is .1uf)...read somewhere in the internet that .022uF produces really good sound for rock,blues and pop(the kind of music i play)...can i use .022uf for my dragonfire?

3. assuming that the pots are working perfectly, what can cause 'nothingness' when i roll down the tone knob? again, is it because of the tone cap or simply just a messed up wiring problem?...hmmm...

4. or simply i just got burned/screwed by a dragon...? ...huhuhuhu....

well,that's all for now...hope u guys out there can help me...thnx!
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You need to use the included 25k pots. It sounds like a wiring problem to me... double check all your solder joints and such.
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double check your wiring first, if you have an volt tester plug that in to the pots and see if they are putting out voltage, it sounds like faulty pots to be honest
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