In my profile, A quick slow instrumental I just made called Writing Suicide Notes On The Back Of Love Letters, I recorded the drums and guitar, and added the Cello and Trumpets with Logic Studio.

I would love some comments/suggestions and C4C!!!!
Just thought I'd add

I put up a new version cause' it built up and ended and just didn't feel right so I added in a bigger section, thanks.
the guitar tone is great. i'm also really impressed with the drums, great job! i really enjoyed the parts you played, but the synths sound awful. they ruin the song imo, because they sound so fake. get rid of them, get somebody to play violin for you, or just add vocals. cause this is epic but the bad synths ruin it for me!

i listened to some of your other stuff and was really impressed. how do you record?

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It sounds good, musically its very nice, but some parts kinda sound fake, like the cello, it dosent sound right, sounds very computerized, I think a real cello will add a lot of character to this song, but other than the cello, it sound great, the drums are good, your guitar is good. Very nice tone on the guitar btw. I honestly didn't hear a trumpet in there, maybe its hidden in the mix, idk.

Good job though.

Crit mine?
Well I would totally get a violin player if I could but I live in the middle of nowhere so there are none except for elementary school kids who give up after a year : P

The trumpet you don't notice but without it it sounds empty for some reason.

And my voice doesn't fit with it.

I record in Logic Pro through a bunch of equalizing/reverb/compression crap on this one mic for guitar and I sampled my drum set with the same mic so I have like 2000 samples (different velocitys bleh x.x) that go through a electronic set I have.
Okay I think I fixed it up a bit, maybe it sounds a little less fake now. And I added some bells.