Posted on here a while ago asking about amps, I got told that the best fit for my style for a reasonable price would be a Peavey Classic 30, and to look for a used one around $300-400. Tried to get it for Christmas, didn't work out, didn't get as much money as I thought, yadda yadda.

Well, there's a guy selling a used Crate v33 2x12 amp locally for $190, and I want to know A.) If that's a good deal, and B.) if it will fit my playing style.

I play a lot of classic rock (Santana, Queen, The Who, Eric Johnson (he's kind of classic!)), blues (Robert Cray, Clapton), and a little bit of jazz (Pat Martino). I also play strumming acoustic. No metal. Would the Crate V33 fit that playing style?
The drive on the v33 isn't the best, but it should fit those fairly well. You may want to get a nice OD for it. But yeah, that's a good deal
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Question: are there any particular things I should look for before buying? This is over Craigslist, and he only gave one picture. Should I ask for a picture of the tubes or something, or anything like that? Don't want to get burned, buy an amp and find it needs $100 worth of repairs.
The clean channel on the V33 works very, very well for jazz. I've gigged it a few times in such practice.

190 is a fair price for it, though I'd see if I could get it cheaper. EL84s are cheap, anyway, so ask how long the tubes have been in there, etc.

Good thing is that if you get it really cheap, you can get an overdrive to boost, and cut some of the low end if that's not your thing.

BTW, the absolute best dirt sound you can get out of it is on the clean channel, all the tone controls on 10, and the master on 6.