OK, i'm thinking about getting a SSH Fender Strat then modding it but i dont know what pickups to get, I'm mostly going to be playing classic metal (Ozzy-years Sabbath for example) and a bit of hard rock (Godsmack, Disturbed etc). The set-up I'v been looking at is:

DiMarzio Cruizer Neck
" " Fast Track 2 Mid
" " Super Distortion bridge

what do you guys think and could you recomend anything else?

PS: I'd prefer passives but whatever you recomend is good
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Hell yeah for a super distortion in the bridge spot, I have one in my strat and love it. You should be able to get the tones you want with that pretty easily. I also have the stock single in the middle and a Tone Zone in the neck spot for overly warm cleans.

Your choices sound like they will get you what you want.
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