the first breakdown part sounds like you ripped off Blindfolds Aside by Protest the Hero. Sounds almost EXACTLY the same.
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Yes really. Listen to Blindfolds Aside you'll see what I mean.

BTW its not "infamous". You stole the melody. Protest the Hero have their own sound. You ripped them off. Probably not on purpose but that doesn't matter because its still lame to copy someone Else's ideas
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Well, I can't really copy somebody if it's not on purpose? You've basically contradicted yourself and made yourself look like an idiot, so you might as well stop.

Look, Protest The Hero is probably my favorite bands, but the riff I've written isn't nearly close to theirs. I mean, look:

They're similar in rhythm, yes, but I didn't ****ing rip them off, for Christ's sake. If you want to hear a more blatant rip-off and go off on a rant about that, listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JGGHP2OCa0

I'm done, bye.
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I actually really enjoyed that, some good music there, althoughm idn call that pretty standard metalcore tbh, not hardcore, but thats irrelevant to what youve written.
The first riff was pretty cool, nothing outstanding. The tapping parts were nice and the harmony was much needed and well executed, if not a bit predictable. The chugging part with eh lead tapping other it was heavy as **** and really epic sounding, i'd love to see this as a complete song

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or (maybe and :P)