Dude songs sick!!!! How did you make the drums. I just did a cover of Danzig's Twist of Cain and i want to add drums to it. Check it out its on my profile!!
flintazra wrote:

I think the next person to shoot up a school should list Jonas brothers and Hannah Montana as his favorite "musicians."
@dubes216 - Cheers dude, If you want to send me a PM with your email address I'll make a backing track with drums and bass for it and mail you it??

@rocks ur life - Thanks, I'm far happier with this version myself. The backing track was made entirely in Guitar Pro, I then exported the midi into fruity loops. I used EZDrummer DFH Over the Drum track, Aria Pro Bass Soundfont over the Bass, and numerous synth strings soundfonts over the orchestra pieces, and after extensive mastering voilah. Hope that's helpful!
Lol, right at the end, when you end the song you make the same sound as Mario when he died in his games :L. Anyway...

I liked it, thought it was nice and clean and fitted together pretty well. Good Job
I didn't actually use an amp. I'm running direct into a Lin6 GX, which comes with the podfarm utility. It's basically an amplifier modeling software, not too happy with it but it does the job anyway. Cheers for the comments guys!
Nice job dude!!! Took me a few seconds to get used to the drop in the tuning.. but sounds great!!!
I would have done it in standard but my floyd rose is set up for C tuning and it's just too much effort to change it back. Rather glad I went de-tuned now though gives it a bit of a new flavor