Hello all, i just bought a new Les Paul Ultra and im very disapointed. The guitar sounded great in the store, to me it was the best sounding guitar i have ever played. The bridge pickup was screaming, and i was loving it. So I buy it, get it home, plug this bad boy in, and it sounds horrible. The bridge pickup doesnt sound screaming and good at all, it sounds like the neck pickup maybe not even as good. I dont know what happened and any help is appreciated. I would also like to appoligize if im posting in the wrong section, im new to the site and dont really know where to post, so if you will direct me in the right direction on the site that would be great to. I would also like to thank everyone ahead of time for any help!
You might've just played it thru a much nicer amp than what you own. There's a huge difference between a Vox AC30 and a Vox AD30.
Id agree and say its your amp, maybe its not that great. I have a LP Ultra and it sounds amazing.
It's not the guitar, it's entirely your amp. You almost certainly played an amp in the store that is different (and most likely better) than the one you use at home. Even if they are the same amp, the one in the store was probably EQ'd better at least.

Guitars don't randomly change tone in transit from a shop to your home. More than that, your amp dictates your tone more than your guitar does. If your tone seems weak, it's your amp, not your guitar.
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You were probably playing through an awesome amp in the store and the one you have at home... not so much.

What amp do you have, by the way?
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I dont think its the amp, I have a B-52 all tubed half stack, and the amp i played on in the store wasnt nothing special i dont even remember what it was, It was like the neck pickup just lost all livelyness
Your amp, going by my admittedly limited experience with them, has what is best described as 'a ****tonne of gain'. It could well be that the amp you tried in the store had a more mellow tone (or at least wasn't as cranked as yours was). When you start to crank the pre-amp (gain), your tone is going to get compressed somewhat, it's going to lose some of the ''life'' in it. This is why very heavily distorted metal tones often sound very similar while softly-distorted blues tones tend to sound more unique from player to player.

Also, you're probably just EQ'ing your amp poorly. Cutting your mids at all is going to lessen definition and response - ideally your mids should never go below their normal level (50% of their control dial on most amps). Bass and treble speak for themselves, obviously if you take off all your bass and whack your treble up you're going to get a very thin sound, do the opposite and you'll get a very muddy, muffled tone. Especially at home or in smaller venues, getting the balance between bass and treble right can be quite hard - excessive bass can quickly become booming and shake the house to it's foundations (and royally piss off your neighbours) while treble can become ear-bleedingly piercing very quickly when you're stood two feet from your amp. Getting the balance right can take some time and my advice would be to sit down and spend a solid afternoon fiddling with evey combination of your EQ controls until you find the bass and treble balance that is right for your practise space, then write those settings down and put them somewhere safe near to where you practise so when you come back from gigging or whatever you can quickly and easily return to your practise settings.

Of course, your speakers could also be worse than the ones you played through in the store. I personally don't find there is too much variation in speakers, but some people swear blind that the tonal quality of spekaers varies wildly and even I can notice some difference between cheap spekaers and top-shelf boutique speaker cabs.

There is nothing that could have happened between buying the guitar at the shop and getting it home that could have caused it to sound so different other than your amp. It's either your amp inherently, or it's how you've set up your amp.
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Not sure what happened here but I always say try a guitar with a similar AMP that you own I have played guitars on one amp that sounded better or worse on other amps in the store. Do you know if you played the guitar in the store on a Solid State amp? That could be the difference a SS modeling amp could be the reason why it sounded better. You might have to get a good distortion pedal for your AMP to get the tone you got at the store. When I played thru my 70s vintage Marshall tube stack I always used my Big Muff distortion pedal otherwise it sounded week to me.

The thing it, my les paul custom sounds great on this amp, it sound perfect, but this guitar sounds muddy and bad
What could be somethings to set my amp settings on if this is the case?
You'll have to Experiment with the settings I am not familiar with your AMP so I can't give you exact settings.

Did you get the guitar you played at the store or did they give you a new one in a box from the back room? That could be the problem.

Its the one i played in the store, the reason i think its the guitar and not the amt, its like the guitar has no gain, and it had tons in the store, its sounds like when u turn the gain down on your amp for a southern rock tone, that the sound it has when the gain is cranked all the way, i even tried turning the gain down and that didnt work either
I just cant believe that guitar is that bad, im takeing it back then, because that guitar is horrible my 100 dollar beginner yamaha sounds better than this garbage, im getttin my money back for this junk because its bad. If my les paul custom sounds as good as it does and this sounds so bad im just getting my money back