i have a bad monkey, mxr 10 band eq, and a boss ns-2

right now i have the bad monkey in front of the amp and the mxr in the effects loop

when i try to add the ns-2 to the loop the sound gets so low and the volume knob doesnt do anything

is there a way to add it to the loop where it doesnt do that
threshold is at about 3 o' clock, decay is at minimum, and i dont have the last knob on mute

i tried doing the x pattern cause thats the only way it worked when i had it guitar>bad monkey>ns-2>eq with the outputs from the ns-2 going into the effects loop, i just want the ns-2 to be at the end of the chain
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alright i got it to work properly but now the eq has no effect when i turn it on i tried putting it after the monkey and before