This is the finished product of the tab I posted on here not too long ago. I'm not very good at writing drums or even songs for that matter lol but i just wanted other opinions. I'm also willing to do C4C.
turbulence 1.gp5
I listened to your gp version of turbulence. or atleast i tried. Has anyone else had the same problem? I didn't here anything when i played it.
critting as i listen

Bar 1 - 11
pretty boring simple stuff , gave me the feeling like its one of your first songs

Bar 12 - 35
better , but to repetitive and not enough going on

Bar 36 - 43
again to simple and boring

Bar 44 - 56
i actually though this was pretty good , gave it more drive

Bar 57 - 65
was a nice change , but other than that it was ok

Bar 66 - 74
ok , but i dont like the chord progression at 66 - 70.

Bar 75 - 101
repetition with only a few changes

102 - 122
was pretty ok at some parts , and pretty bad at other parts , so its "ok" as a solo

overall id say it lacks a lot of stuff , allthough you do have a good structure.
i think you need to make it more interesting musically , because its pretty simple and average.
and remember , songwriting is a learning process , youll get better if you put the time in it ... trust me

anyway can you crit any of my songs ? there in my sig.