Well, here's the thing, i recently got an all tube Palomino V16 amp, so my gear would now be:

Jackson DXMGT with passives EMGs
Digitech Bad Monkey
Digitech RP-50 Multi-effect.
Palomino V16 amp.

The kind of tone i want is kinda like The strokes on this song.


But i also would really like a good lead solo tone like this one for shredding


My question is, would i really be able to get those 2 tones with a jekyll and hyde pedal? I am really considering to buy this pedal, On the internet i've only seen good things bout this pedal.

The thing is, i only have 150 bucks to spend on gear, and i dont know if its really worth to buy the jekyll hyde pedal. I am thinking bout it, because with the right EQ on my RP50 paired with the Bad monkey i can get decent sounds, but i think it would be nice to keep an analogical signal with my palomino bad monkey and j&h pedal.

So , would the J&H pedal totally kill the digitech rp50? or should i spend my money on something better to get those tones? i dont know, pickups, or something?

Also, sry, for the bad english, foreigner here,