Ok, so I'm trying to decide between one of these two guitars:

Fender Deluxe Players Strat (I've recently fallen back in love with the Fender sound and would like to have a Strat that actually works through an amp. Though I would not mind restoring my Squier with nicer innards instead. Every time I pick up the Squier I feel like I have found 'the one'.)

PRS SE Custom 24 (I also recently got news this one would be discontinued. But I remember holding one years ago and enjoyed playing it.)

My style is an amalgam of blues, rock and metal. In all preferences, I would like to have something with a tremolo and 24 frets (no EMGs, please--sorry Schecter) with that glassy sound found on Fenders.

I also use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms with the yellow Dunlop tortex pick. I must say that they feel much 'looser' on my strat than les paul. Is there a reason for this?
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I say PRS. A new amp would do you some good too, but you could always turn your Squier into a project and make it a really quite nice Strat. And if that PRS is gonna be discontinued, the only affordable ones left arent quite as nice as that one is.

EDIT: As for the amp, look into Crate V-series amps. With a few extra pedals, metal is achievable, and the cleans on those amps are quite nice i think. Or possibly a Blackheart. Any sort of small tube amp is better than your Line 6 I think.
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But what kind of amp would go in its place?

well what do kind of tone do you want from an amp?

guitar wise, neither are a bad choice, but the se custom 24 has already been discontinued.

you can always get a new amp down the road.

have you played both guitars side by side recently? if not, thats what you need to do o figure out which suits you best. you dig?
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Will preamp tubes turn black and melt slightly undernormal conditions and still work?
If you can get a used one cheap get a Fender Hotrod Deluxe amp. That baby'll do anything and the cleans are great for that glassy tone (if you're using a strat) I got mine for $350 off of craigslist, although they're usually a lot more.

EDIT: Also, both are amazing guitars. I'm without a doubt a strat man, but my dad's SE custom 24 was a sweet guitar, but I think your gibson covers a lot of where the PRS exceeds, but the most important thing for you right now is the amp. If you can find a good tube amp in your price range, I'd get it and fix your squier for the time being, that's the easiest way to get that glassy tone while still having the feel of a neck you love.
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