Hey, GG&A, I've got about 200 bucks to spend on a looper pedal.


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I play mostly metal, and since I don't know too many guitarists, I'd like to obviously have a looper pedal.

Thanks very much.
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Ah, someone else in need of a looper. I'm liking the Line 6 JM4, it's pricy (around 300 bucks) but shit, it can do a lot.
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The Boss one is pretty solid. I've only used that one and a Boomerang though.
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Quote by mmolteratx
The Boss one is pretty solid. I've only used that one and a Boomerang though.

I'm guessing you mean the RC-2, judging by the price range. And while the Line 6 looks kickass, it's really really expensive.
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I just read up on the Line 6 one that was recommended to this guy and all I can say is wow. That is some looper with a lot of functions to keep you busy. I think I may order one for me also. This seems like a good way to play around for fun and also capture ideas for later use. You really couldn't ask for more but if you are wanting a simple looper pedal then look at the Boss.
Yeah, that looper definitely has a lot of stuff but a.) too expensive b.) my digitech has enough of the effects, all I really miss is looping. So it looks like I'll be going with the RC-2 most likely. Thanks all.
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