I didn't know exactly where to put this as it's not an ad for selling stuff and it's not a hunt for a musician.

I don't want to piss off any mods with this but I'm a regular user and know UG is a bright bunch (that wasn't even sarcasm)

Basically I need to make a wordpress site for a charity. They've given me the specs and it's not very major to be honest. No special code needed, just information(content) and layout.

Thing is, I'm swamped this term. I'm an awful programmer and I really need to focus on that and this wordpress is just giving me a headache.

I couldn't even install in onto usb because the install screen would only half load and not show my log in details.
It's just a pain in the arse.

All I require of you is; meet their requirements, document the steps in the design (all steps after installation) and send me a prototype.
I'll give you £25 if the prototype is accepted and another £25 to amend whatever they tell me they don't like.

The commitment from you in very minimal, design it, document it, send it.
I might have specific questions now and again but I'm not a slave driver.

I won't lie to you, this project is not due to finish until March/April but I need to show some work before then.

Again, hope mods find this legit. I've sold through UG in the past and am on the good sellers list.
I'm just trying to pay for a service.

PM me if you're interested. Those with msn will have priority.

Thanks guys.
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!
Quote by Hybrid_Xer0
Are you also living in Sudan and need to borrow money off me for a while until your wife gets back?

Now that you mention it.....

No no, like I said, I'm on the good sellers list. I'm not asking anything from you financially.
I just need to delegate this project for my own good.
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!
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