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The thread title preeetty much sums it up

This is the opening section of a 30minute epic i'm working on, which follows the story of a comic book series i've written. It's instrumental apart from occasional dialogue lifted from the comic book pages, so it's kind of like a concept album on steroids


Here's some progress on the next part:
Most of this is ‘track 2’ from the full 30min piece, the last 2 minutes or so bleed over into what will be ‘track 3’. Still early stages for the most part, but coming together nicely.

Would be great to hear what you guys make of this. I'm in the middle of recording everything at the moment, so feedback is always appreciated
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Holy shit you must have a lot of time on your hands.
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yeah, you do apparently have alot of time on your hands. but its time well spent. i like both the comic preview as well as the song preview. MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!
this is quite amazing. seriously
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Yep - I do spent a lot of time on this

Luckily my comic book series got a publishing deal for 24 issues, so i work on this project full time now!

Thanks for the kind words guys - I will post more music as soon as i have something listenable of similar standard. I'm back in the studio after NAMM, so the next track/movement should be ready end of January.

In the meantime, here's some more artwork/dialogue from that first track:

Sick drawings. The song is ****ing sweet too, you do the drums for it too?
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I'm the writer of the book so my focus is the scripts. When it comes to drawing i do initial sketches, layouts / designs and so on, but there's a whole team of brilliant artists who create the finished images you can see in this thread. Glad you like 'em though

There's pencils, inkers, colorists, lettering, and so on! Making high quality comic books is a real challenge, even with a great artistic team

The main artist responsible for defining the style of my book is Jason Metcalf - he's an incredible pencil artist who's been working with me on this project since the beginning

If you're interested, you can read more about the comic from Jason and I, here:


Okay after listening to that again, HOLY SHIT this is awesome. Keep us updated on this. I'm not really a comic fan although the pics posted were freaking awesome. And that song was the shiz. I love the guitar tone you got there; you record it at home or go to a studio? What amp do you have, because I couldn't find it in your profile.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
Thanks Larry - I've made a thread in the 'promote your band' section about the project, which i'll keep updated for sure! I'll come back to this section whenever i have a new song too

I have a rather unique Marshall amp that i used for all the guitar tones. It's actually a very simple set up on that recording:

ESP Horizon Guitars --> Red Witch Phaser (for the picked appeggio fills) --> Marshall w/4x12.

Only other effects are Reverb/Delay, they're lexicon racks atm, but i plan to use an analog tape echo for the final mix. It was done in a great little studio called 'LAFX' - they have an incredible piano there which came in handy on the recording also!

I've been collaborating with Marshall on a couple of things and managed to get this prototype to record with. They haven't finished the design yet so the Amp is unreleased, should be available in 2010 sometime!

Wow you have your own little unreleased Marshall???

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
Damn, that's some impressive work man
Some solos have a Symphony-X feel, which is good, they have some great melodic stuff.
The comic preview also seems to be nice.

And by the way, getting your own Marshall, that must be awesome.
Thanks PnT!! I'm not quite up there with the likes of Michael Romeo yet though That guy has mad skills.

I'm trying to do something a bit more 'classic rock' or 'heavy metal' flavored than most of the 'Neo-Classical' metal bands out there, but obviously working with the Orchestral/Choir elements, acts like Symphony X and Yngwie etc, are certainly a big influence!

The Marshall is great - there's only about four of them in the world atm, each slightly different. Of course eventually they'll be a standard model, and then everyone will have them!
this is amazing!!! i love it
symphony x are one of my favorite bands!
and i see the influnce of the neo-classical

im definity goin to watch this thread has u keep postin more clips!

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Thanks Maximum I'll try and get the next track up soon!

In the meantime, here's a couple of my videos from Youtube which feature this tune:
(At the Marshall Factory UK)
(Animated Comic Book Visuals to fit Music!)
Amazing song and amazing artistic work there. Nice to see another person on UG who likes to draw!!

Let me know when you have finished this 30 minute epic? Just send me a PM or leave a comment in my profile about it!

EDIT: I want your ESP guitars... only in Lefty!
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Here's some progress on the next part:

Most of this is ‘track 2’ from the full 30min piece, the last 2 minutes or so bleed over into what will be ‘track 3’. Still early stages for the most part, but coming together nicely.
Thanks dude - Well i gotta finish recording it all first Then i'll have the orchestral backing tracks to work from at least, so i'll do a couple sets at trade shows like NAMM / MusikMesse etc for sure. Pulling it off for 'for real' with a full orchestra will be a bit of a challenge though, but i'll figure something out
Epic, literally.

You have a bright future of whatever it is you want it to be dude.
Holy crap...

You are now officially my UG-idol

The song just sounds amazing, and as far as I can tell, that comic is gonna be epic as hell...

This is exactly what I want to accomplish one day, making a (prog)metal/rock-epic accompanied by an entire story, possibly with visual effects.
I've already made several attempts at getting things started musically, but that's about as far as it gets, since I'm just a poor 18-year old, who doesn't have anything besides a guitar and guitarpro to make his stuff
Thanks Judge

Ulti-Slash, cheers - I think you might find it easier if you had the whole story/world a bit clearer in your mind before attempting the musical elements. I'd say its much simpler to put great music to a great storyline, than make great a storyline that's forced to fit around great music.

For me, once i had the story concept jotted down, and 3 main characters in place, it was easy to start building events and detail around that, followed by concepts for scores/arrangements to compliment that in music.

It's certainly a challenge to take on an a project on this scale, with the whole multimedia/concept vibe. It's also extremely rewarding, and quite a trip seeing it come to life.

Just fyi, i started penning my ideas for 'Eternal Descent' back when i was 17 or so. Now i'm 23, and it's just starting to become a reality.

Comic series is launched in march, album will be done this year, and i'll see where it takes me
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After checking out and seeing the merchandise for sale, I get the feeling this is like a company. It's a pretty well though out delivery system for both the music and the publication. It's a great idea nonetheless.

I just wonder how much "help" you're geting in the whole project? I ask because the music/comic/merchandising/website/advertising seems like alot of work.

Either way, it's a pretty cool concept.

best of luck
Hah, It's a company sure - Run by me

I actually operate under the name 'Incendium Records LTD' but it's not a real record label as such, just a holding company for everything i do.

The music/comics are all my own independent creations. Then I license stuff out to other entities, like IDW comics or Marshall Amps. I foolishly risked a large amount of my own money, and other peoples money, on this project.... Luckily, it seems to be turning out OK.

I've certainly built up some great partners along the way. So i get alot of help with Marketing and Merchandising. It's very early stages atm, but getting there!

Glad you like the concept, and appreciate you taking the time to check out my work

Take it easy,

I clipped this from your YouTube channel..

"Featuring new music from Eternal Descent, Performed by Llexi Leon, Gregg Bissonette & Matt Bissonette - Produced by Eddie Kramer."

Is this just for the Eternal Descent Marshall amp ad, or the music you're posting here for your comic book?
The stuff on the website - That stuff is all 100% indie. The CDs and stuff are on CDbaby, not even proper releases

The youtube credits you mention, that goes for all the new music I'm doing now. What's being posted here is part of the same project, it's nowhere near complete though. We haven't got to the stage were Eddie is doing final production/mixes/mastering etc.

Gregg and Matt play the bass/drum parts i write, and Eddie tracks that stuff in LA. My guitars are recorded myself over in London, along with the programmed orchestral stuff, and then we put it all together.

It's going to sound pretty crazy when it's all done, because I'm planning to get a real orchestra to play the parts. Have to write everything first though, so thats like 6 months away.

It's an independent production, there is no manager/label etc. I'm just a comic book writer with an idea for this concept album which i'm slowly making a reality

I prefer to ask people 'what do you think?' rather than say 'check out my shit, i worked with Eddie Kramer and the Bissonette bro's on this' Cause that really has little to do with the music being good or bad etc.

Apologies if you thought i meant that i played the Drum/Bass parts myself. I program the stuff when i write, but couldn't play them - i'm just a guitar guy
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Quote by LlexiLeon
Apologies if you thought i meant that i played the Drum/Bass parts myself. I program the stuff when i write, but couldn't play them - i'm just a guitar guy

No apology necessary. I have no doubt you're one talented individual who deserves all or most of the credit.

I can't help making comparisons to your resources compared to the average joe on these boards who has Audacity and GP and still manage to write, record and produce incredible pieces of music. Like I said, I don't doubt you deserve every resource you have available to you, I'm sure you've earned it. Your playing speaks for itself and will sell your products on it's own.

I just wouldn't want some poor guy comparing the music he or she is producing by themselves, as best they can on a laptop and a crappy audio interface, to something with alot of production like you just descibed. No, I'm not refering to myself.

It's still brilliant, and best of luck.

That's a very nice Website btw! Another one of your designs? Nice.

You obviously know alot about music and recording/production, alot of guys would probably appreciate your input on their songs if you could find the time to crit them too.

peace bro
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wow. that is some incredible stuff you've got there.
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Thanks bobby

Hey Judge - I have heard some great stuff come from guys on this forum and others, using just a laptop and some free plugins etc. As it happens, thats how i write/arrange all my music before we go and do the proper recording sessions and all that.

Certainly appreciate all the opinions, well wishes and general vibes i've been getting in this thread. Will make an effort to go through some of the other recordings posted here and give any pointers i can in terms of production/arrangement.

FYI - The website is heavily based on the ESP guitars website in terms of design/structure, a coder i know copied the essence of that site for me beyond that, the visual graphics and composition is my design Glad you like it. I want to overhaul it a bit and try to get some animation and depth into the 'permanent' character images along the sides. Just bring it to life a bit
holy crap my ears just jizzed
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songs awesome man. you've captured that 'epic' feeling well with what you have

the comic reminds me of Brandon Lee inn 'the Crow', when he plays his guitar on the rooftop. and the bible guy reminds of the christian dude in 'Johnny Mnemonic'

good stuff anyway
Im having a problem listening to the 2nd you upload for quicktime to play. I really want to listen to your 2nd Track, because i have listened to the first one a bunch of times on your myspace page, and i really cant wait to listen to the 2nd one and the ones to come.

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Hey Llexi -- your stuff is just amazing. I am blown away by the music just so epic. I'm even more impressed by your ability to build a business out of your talents -- that is what I want to eventually do.

My question is how did you go about doing the business end of things -- getting started with all that. I also want to eventually start my own company and wondering what your process was for getting started.

My band has done a few studio recordings and I was wondering if you could listen to our stuff and give us a comment on our sound ... I would LOVE to hear your opinion and any advice on getting our stuff heard.
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