I am really confuzzled here, as I usually am, and I want to know which guitar should take priority over another.
I have the option of buying an agile interceptor(6 or 7 string depending on how the band feels about it.) or a Carvin DC135 that the drummers dad has offered to me.

Agile guitars range from 600 to 800 USD.
More specifically the 6 string is hovering around 650 and the 7 around 700 and up.
The carvin is a negotiable 600USD.

I am open to any other suggestions that you may have and please make them. I want something that can kill people with its looks and sound. Doesnt really have to clean up to a fender clean, but get a decent clean tone, as I will be playing distorted most of the time. I, obviously, play metal/hardcore/etc and I also play for a little church group.

Try to keep the price under 800 USD. I can look for ebay deals if something is a good deal used. (liek the dc135)

Thank you for your time!!!

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